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View Diary: Strategic Thinking on the U.S. Six Party System (13 comments)

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    you left out the Christian right which is a significant partner in the republican coalition.

    I also disagree that we don't have a 2 party system, as strongly as I agree that it masks the actual coalitions that make up those 2 parties. The winner take all process makes for 2 parties. Period. But it is important to know and understand how those 2 parties would break up into smaller parties had we a multi-party system.

    You also make 2 contradictory statements..

    If you decide to intervene in electoral work to build independent working class grassroots organizations, you don't go 'inside the Democratic Party'.
    What you do instead is join or work with one of the two factions/'parties' that are left of center.  Your aim is to make either of these stronger, preferably the PDA/Congressional Progressive Caucus.
    Presumably the other is the old New Dealers. But in either case you are advocating working on behalf of the Democratic Party by workiong on behalf of a portion of it.

    Then you say...

    your task is to defeat the Tea Party, the Multinational GOP, and the Blue Dogs. At present, not a single piece of progressive legislation is going to get passed without driving a wedge between the two parties under the GOP label and weakening both of them.
    Yes, most definitely yes. We'll get nowhere until that happens.
    We have to keep in mind, however, that 'shifting the balance of forces' is mainly an indirect and somewhat ephemeral gain. It does 'open up space', but for what?
    This then is the crux of the matter and why it is the DLC/New Democrats that need defeating and marganalizing as well.

    And here...

    We are interested in pushing the popular front vs. finance capital to its limits, and within that effort, developing a socialist bloc. If that comes to scale, the 'Democratic Party Tent' is likely to collapse and implode
    ... you start getting a little into fantasy land. The Republican split at the moment is getting ugly enough there may well be an implosion if we are successful in defeating them electorally for another election cycle or two and removing them from any sembalance of power. But you will not see an implosion of both parties. As the one fails the other will become very powerful and the force of that power will hold its coalition together as each faction strives for its share of it.

    I also think you overestimate this too...

    given the sharper class contractions and other fault lines that lie within it
    The bulk of the Democratic Party is working and middle class. The money people are extremely powerful but, as always is the case, quite small. If we the people get the upper hand on them what will happen is that they will bolt the party. The Democratic Party will remain intact without them and some semblance of an opposition party will rise out of the ashes of the Republican Party with the finance sector directing it for their purposes and we'll once again have a strong two-party system.

    You won't get a socialist bloc unless and until the two party system is eliminated.

    "Do what you can with what you have where you are." - Teddy Roosevelt

    by Andrew C White on Fri Apr 05, 2013 at 02:30:25 PM PDT

    •  Fastasyland or the future? (0+ / 0-)

      I agree a Democratic implosion is not yet on the horizon--but these are critical times, and things can often happen quickly. Watching the growing tension over Obama's deals on Social Security will widen some of those fault lines, from top to bottom. At the bottom, for sure.

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