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View Diary: Sanity breaks out on Fox:  Megan Kelly holds NRA LaPierre to Account (98 comments)

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  •  Megan spanked LaPierre... (0+ / 0-)

     ...just like Fox-GOP spanked Karl Rove. (I'd like to see the whole thing.  This was certainly something out of the ordinary.)

    This doesn't mean that Fox-GOP doesn't love both LaPierre and Rove dearly, it's just that they know the message they both were putting out was wrong for the Republican party right now.  Everyone plays their role in these little  dramas, and they almost never get fired or dismissed.  They come back every week for more.  If they screw up, they get spanked publicly, but never dismissed or fired.

    They picked Megan to do this because of her gender.  It gives Republican women, many of whom are like most sane people who look at Newtown with anger and concern for their children and think: "This shit MUST stop."

    Fox's GOP masters have no intent of going up against LaPierre's Paranoid Parade.  This exchange was win-win for both parties.  Fox gets to pretend it's on the side of sanity, and GOP women see this and can think "Look, blond news reader Megan said things to LaPierre. Fox/GOP DOES care after all! All is right with the world."

    LaPierre's Paranoid Parade gets to double down with... "See even our own blond beotches are delusional and weak enough to want to take our guns! Buy more ammo!"  "Arm up Romper Room!"

    If you think this was a real (non-scripted) exchange, let me know what WWF wrestler you are betting on, I might be interested in a wager with you.

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