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  •  Again, do you read these gunfail diaries? (0+ / 0-)

    people shoot themselves and others "accidentally" every day. Non-trivially. And I never said people demand to take guns onto airplanes. I said that, as these diaries demonstrate every week, they try to sneak them onboard with alarming frequency. And as people never kill themselves or others exercising their first amendment right I don't think they need to be regulate narrowly or otherwise.

    •  A final word (0+ / 0-)

      Deliberately or otherwise, you slide right by the point. You made the claim that the right to bear arms must be somehow contingent on participation in a well-controlled militia. If that is the case, due to the language of the amendment as you read it, then it ought also to be the case that freedom of assembly should only be guaranteed when petitioning the government. However, neither amendment speaks of circumstances or dangers, lethal or otherwise, that might demand legal restraints around the exercise of the right, so you have no ground on which to demand such restraints. Rather, in precisely the same way that the courts bend over backwards to insure exercise of free speech, they must do likewise with regard to other rights, including the right to bear arms. If we can let murderers and other criminals go free because of issues of double jeopardy and improper search and seizure, surely we can also tolerate the problems of the 2nd amendment.

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