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View Diary: Is the Affordable Care Act unaffordable? Mitch McConnell wants you to think so (95 comments)

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  •  I honestly can't see (9+ / 0-)

    any downside to pushing for single payer at this point. Republicans will brand any healthcare reform as socialism or a nanny state or whatever the hell other bumpersticker phrase they're using this week. They've already compared the healthcare reform bill to Hitler, after all. They've tried, as this diary says, to repeal it a billion times.

    Theres nowhere left for them to go. They've already set out to stop it for being something its not. They've already accused us of being communazimarximaoists because we don't think helping people is wrong. What could they possibly do at this point?

    Bonus: If they call single payer all those things, we can ask them why then they called HCR all those things earlier. I expect no coherent response from them should that occurr.

    "Trust not the words of a poet, as he is born to seduce. Yet for poetry to seize the heart, it must ring with the chimes of truth."

    by kamrom on Sun Apr 07, 2013 at 01:56:09 PM PDT

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