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  •  Wealthy working vs wealthy retired (3+ / 0-)
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    Help me understand.  If we support the idea of raising the income limitation for contribution to SS as a way of managing the shortage by adding to the amount the working wealthy pay into the system, why is asking those with greater financial independence who are retired to pay into the system (by either a higher premium or a higher copay) any different?  I know many wealthy retirees with high net worth but little income who could well afford to pay more but don't under the current rules.  It seems that asking the well off to pay is a much better solution than forcing the poor to do without.  Even better would be building fewer bombs but that does not seem to be an option nor would it finance the system.

    •  Because you are implicitly taxing their benefits (0+ / 0-)

      rather than their income that pays for the benefits. And I am going to take a bit of a conservative position here: why disincentivize those who have successfully worked and saved when it comes to paying out that which they have saved for, especially in light of how meager ss benefits are and how much the 'you're on your own' ethos pervades retirement currently. I guess I would also respond the way i did to another commenter in that it undermines the social solidarity aspect of medicare; good luck getting universal healthcare or single payer after that

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      by MichiganChet on Sat Apr 06, 2013 at 06:18:28 PM PDT

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