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  •  Your frame just perpetuates the problem (2+ / 0-)
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    Rick Aucoin, nchristine

    Sorry, but starting this diary off by saying "Why are we doing this" and "us Democrats" would seem to ignore the facts on the ground. Don't count me (or a lot of us) in the "we" who are doing this. It is Mr. Obama, whose name you did not mention once in this diary.

    "Our" Democratic leader and standard bearer, Mr. Obama, has been clear that he wants to in effect drive a stake through the heart of the New Deal. Thus he has decimated the Roosevelt/Kennedy/Johnson base of the Democratic Party. What other base was there?

    If this kind of compromising on the values I thought we held dear is the New Democratic Way Forward, then count me out.

    So all those who still hold these values dear, the former Democratic base, have been exiled to Siberia; fractured, scattered, leaderless.

    "We" are not doing this. They are.

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