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  •  "It may not work." It seems that if the (0+ / 0-)

    President's apparent 'plan' doesn't work would mean that thousands of disabled, veterans, and seniors will be subjected to dire hardships, if not an early death, is completely acceptable to you??  It makes it appear that you are sufficiently wealthy enough that SS won't constitute at least 50% of your retirement and ambivalent to the needs of those less fortunate than you.

    The very fact that the President officially offered up what amounts to cuts to SS makes every Democrat fair game to being described as wanting to not only cut SS, but dismantle it by their political opponents.  The polls have demonstrated time and again that the American public does not want ANY cuts to SS.  Yet, here's the President offering to do just that.  You know that the Republicans WILL hang this around the neck of every single Democrat running for office.

    The Republicans have also clearly demonstrated that any compromise offered by a Democrat is a non-starter.  They demand and fully expect full capitulation to their wishes.  By compromising at some middle point between current policy and what the Republicans want only moves the country further to the right.  This will lead us to the abolishment of not only SS and Medicare, but anything else that might have a chance to help someone that's not of the 1% sooner than later and no chance of reversal.  How many times have Democrats said, we'll give a little on this and when we get back in power, we'll fix it.  They never have.

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