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  •  April is the cruelest month ... (20+ / 0-)

    because it drags its as# here in Frostbite Falls. We had one night this week when it stayed above freezing, but that was corrected the next day. Yesterday afternoon we had snow showers - nothing stuck but so what. It was hideous. And there are still (slowly shrinking) mounds of dirty snow on the north sides of streets and structures, and the ground is still mostly frozen.

    Mostly - not completely. I've seen robins pecking away, looking for worms so I figure something is moving down there. And I hear them every morning as I leave for work - they have the most beautiful song! I finally took the xmas wreath off the front door, but the evergreens (now browns) in the pots will have to wait a few days until the dirt has all thawed. I've been able to pick up almost all of the stray tootsie rolls from the back yard as the snow has melted, a terrible chore (makes me gag) but one that has to be done.

    And now we wait. It's too early to set a pot of pansies outside - too many nights below freezing are forecast for this week. It will come, I know it will ....

    In the meantime, while digging around in the freezer for some flour I found a bag of frozen tomatoes from last year's garden -

    Tomatoes (frozen 092312; thawing 040613)

    Aren't they beautiful? Yee haw!

    Out with the gloomage - in with the plumage!

    by mikidee on Sat Apr 06, 2013 at 07:45:01 AM PDT

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