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  •  My 'tame' robin is back. (4+ / 0-)
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    RiveroftheWest, estreya, jayden, kishik

    Robins packed up and went elsewhere last summer when it was so dry.  

    But they're back now, and there's one that always follows me around when I'm outside weeding.  

    Comes really close at times, and doesn't really shy away when I get up and move to another place.  At times, I can almost reach out and touch it.  

    Smart bird knows that when I'm stirring up the soil, I'm also stirring up worms!  LOL.

    •  There seems to be... (3+ / 0-)
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      estreya, RiveroftheWest, welso

      a squirrel that has adopted me.

      She doesn't scoot when I'm walking by... and sneaks around the pond when I'm in the garden.  She keeps glancing up at me, to keep me in view, but she is bold!

      gah.  I don't want a squirrel buddy!!  LOL

      There have always been catbirds that follow me around in the garden as I'm weeding.  they'll pounce on an area I just worked on to get at the bugs.

      But this year there are juncos.  The juncos are following me around.  ;-)

      There are robins abound right now.  They're just having fun in the sun and the warm air.

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