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View Diary: Trillions In OffShore Tax Havens For The Rich/Powerful, Continue To Expose The 1% (Photo Gallery) (57 comments)

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  •  Oh the humanity.... (2+ / 0-)
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    JoeLibertarian, PubliusPublicola

    Can we give it arrest with the "my daddy made all this money, and I have to bear the burden of it.  I'd love to pay taxes, but, y'know, he done set it all up so I can't pay taxes"

    People like you take this holy attitude by spewing all kinds of shit that nobody could possibly verify. I'm talking about your worthless (unverifiable) statement of not hiding money and not using tax havens.  Getting all holy and "we're reg'lar folks just like you" is sickening. And fuck the faux  "maybe we're the new rich.." humility.

    Go sit in the bank and cry about the cross you have to bear

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