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    As a "War Baby" a little older than Teacherken, I heard it all before, in or about 1960.  We Boomers as they then became known, were expected to solve so many problems, right so many wrongs.  The older generation treated us like the special people that we were, and had high hopes that we would finally make The Great Society a reality.

    We really did solve major problems of racism.  We did not end racism, of course, but we eliminated so much of the obvious legal effects of racism.  On The War, and the military-industrial complex, we failed to make much of a dent.  It was an older generation than us who put Reagan in office, but so many of us bought into the myth of the Shining City on a Hill that we became so much like conservatives of generations ago.

    I spent 38 years in the eleventh and twelfth grades.  I wish I could look at those students with the magical hope that my teachers looked at us.   But there are no "forces of history" except as men and women make it.  We will still need a great engineer like LBJ to make real change happen.  How many lucky or unlucky breaks will happen along the road before we finally attain The Great Society?

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