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View Diary: Most recent vintage of eulogies for rock music: still premature (61 comments)

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  •  There's been some great popular music... (5+ / 0-)

    ... in the past couple of years.

    Mumford and Sons' latest is solid all the way through.  Fun is a heck of a lot of fun.  I defy you to listen to Gotye's "Somebody that I Used to Know" in a sociable situation and not have a good time.

    But it's the exception, not the rule.

    There's just so much music out there these days that a lot of it goes unrecognized.  Also, the music business has a formula down.  They know exactly what sells, and they don't put their backs into an artist unless they can mold them into exactly what sells.  The problem with the music business is that it produces the business music.

    Used to be some guesswork involved with A&R.  They'd hear some great new band and take a chance on them.  That doesn't happen anymore, and the result is (usually) anodyne music.

    The meek shall inherit the Earth that the stupid destroyed.

    by CharlieHipHop on Sat Apr 06, 2013 at 10:57:53 AM PDT

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    •  Two memoirs of the music industry.... (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Brown Thrasher, Troubadour how the big labels push bands, then inexplicably drop them - Jennifer Trynin's "All I'm Cracked Up to Be" and Jacob Slichter's (drummer from Semisonic) "So You Wanna Be a Rock & Roll Star".

      The worst example was how they sucked Trynin's royalties dry by staying in 5-star hotels and flying first-class on the road on Trynin's dime, while Trynin and her band stayed in cheap motels.

      9-11 changed everything? Well, Katrina changed it back.

      by varro on Sat Apr 06, 2013 at 12:04:14 PM PDT

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