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View Diary: Helpful Short-cuts for the Defense of President Obama from Criticism (Updated) (168 comments)

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    Your very first sentence:

    Following the comments in the recent diaries criticizing President Obama’s budget proposal in which he puts entitlement cuts on the table, it occurred to me that those defending his actions typically rely on a fairly circumscribed set of arguments.
    The comments I read from one of the "recent diaries criticizing President Obama", and which is on the rec list, were of the "they're all the same" type.  Since you portray this discussions participants as being of two types, those who criticize, and those who defend the president, I assumed you were one of the criticizers, and lumped you in with the "they're all the same" crowd.

    Of course, if I mistakenly lumped you, as a criticizer, with the "they're all the same crowd", please except my apology, as soon as you apologize to all the Obama defenders for lumping them into your list of "excuses".

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