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View Diary: Hell No! No Grand Bargain. Are "Progressives" Destroying the New Deal? (146 comments)

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    joe shikspack

    what will it take to get a critical mass out demonstrating and saying enough. I don't believe we've seen the last of OWS and I hope that the unions and labor join them. The more ordinary people globally who get out there with their pots and pans and stand up for democracy the more will follow.

    I somehow knew when Clinton started with the NWO of globalism that was going 'to raise all boats', that the only antidote was going to have to be global and local, community, and solidarity. Bottom up as a famous pol once said.

    I'm a big fan of Stephane Hessel and I think he has left us a real way forward, showed us the way. He died recently in France at 95 years young. His life is an inspiration in the power and spirit of democracy and humanism. He is accredited with the French socialist party's victory over Sarsosky

    Stéphane Hessel, a diplomat, ambassador, concentration camp survivor, and former French Resistance fighter. He participated in the drafting of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948. His new book is Time for Outrage.
    Here's an interview with him on Democracy Now in 2011. Well worth listening to as it's not like our brave new world is going to get better unless people organize outside the compromised  governments who are all owned by the oligarchical collectivists. There is globally no parliamentary/democratic means for humans to address their righteous grievances at this point.

    Any change is going to have to come from the people themselves. This is not inevitable people do have power they need to learn how to use it and not to let fear keep us all 'chained' to the 'world as we find it' according to Axelrod and any other of these want to rule the world assholes.    

    Stéphane Hessel on Occupy Wall Street: Find the Time for Outrage When Your Values Are Not Respected

    Stéphane Hessel, writer and inspiration behind Occupy movement, dies at 95

    ".... he aimed to imbue French youth with the same passion and fervour as had existed in the resistance. He compared the 21st-century struggle against what he described as the "international dictatorship of the financial markets" to his generation's struggle against oppression as a young man during the war.

    Time for Outrage! argued that the French needed to become as outraged now as his fellow fighters had been during the war. He was highly critical of France's treatment of illegal immigrants, and Israel's treatment of Palestinians, and passionate about the environment, a free press and France's welfare system. His call was for peaceful, non-violent insurrection.

    During the eurozone crisis, one of the names given to the protests against austerity programmes and corruption in Spain was Los Indignados, taken from the title of Hessel's work. These protests, along with the Arab spring uprisings, inspired protests in other countries and the Occupy Wall Street movement in the United States.

    "The global protest movement does not resemble the Communist movement, which declared that the world had to be overturned according to its viewpoint," Hessel said in an interview a year ago.

    "This is not an ideological revolution. It is driven by an authentic desire to get what you need. From this point of view, the present generation is not asking governments to disappear but to change the way they deal with people's needs."

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