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View Diary: Cafeteria employees at MA middle school improperly deny lunch to kids with negative balances (55 comments)

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    kurt, JamieG from Md

    what was the point of throwing the food away once the kids already had it?

    Why waste it if the kid is standing there?

    Second, in order for school districts to get federal funding for food services, there are a bunch of stupid rules they have to follow.

    Each kid is required to take a certain number of items, even if they don't eat them.

    Even if this means throwing away whole bananas and pristine apples and pre-packaged food items.

    Some things can be diverted to food banks, etc., but my understanding is that food banks start picking the stuff up and get tired out and quit - probably because of the logistics of visiting a lot of schools every day.  Schools aren't going to stockpile perfectly good oranges or bananas for even a day.  That could be 1,000 pieces of fruit or more every single day.

    So basically the government's rules for receiving funding for school lunches create (necessitate) a huge amount of waste.

    And yet even then kids go hungry?  My guess is that at Coehlo, there were at least a few kids who didn't finish their lunches, who would have been more than glad to share instead of throwing stuff away.  

    The sheer volume of stuff the other kids threw away that day could have probably fed those 25 kids (or more) all for no additional cost.

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