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View Diary: Cafeteria employees at MA middle school improperly deny lunch to kids with negative balances (55 comments)

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    oblivious about what is going on around her in her school, the school she is in charge of, then she should be fired and someone else found who will be willing to do the job that they are hired to do.  This is such a lame excuse by this creature.  "She had her back turned as 25 students were busy being told to throw their lunches in the garbage can".  We are also to believe that she had no idea, that she did not hear one complaint from anyone that lunches were being ordered thrown into the garbage can?  This is one sick lady who should be sent home on sick leave and ordered to have a mental examination.  Also not one teacher throughout the afternoon didn't hear even one student mention they had been forced to forego lunch?  Who is advocating for the students at this school?  Apparently no one.  Send Ms. Fortin an email with your comments.

    Some parents said they were told by children that the school's assistant principal made an announcement during lunch Tuesday that students who could not pay would not get their lunch.

    Assistant Superintendent David Sawyer said the assistant principal, Susan Fortin, was told by a lunch worker that students would not be able to charge meals and she made an announcement to that effect.

    He said Fortin told him she was not told students would be forced to throw away their lunches.

    Because she had her back turned to the lunch line while supervising students in the cafeteria, Sawyer said, Fortin said she did not see students throwing away meals.

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