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View Diary: Rachel explains, with Charts, why "Exxon is Too Big to Care" (41 comments)

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  •  Excellent captures of the 'fine' v profit charts.. (6+ / 0-)

    This so reminds me of a logging oufit that owned all the land adjacent to a whole group of us and was notorious for clear cutting.
    The Holmes logging comapany iirc.

    They buy land for pennies on the dollar, sit on it for many years then clear cut. A violation - but the fines aren't nearly enough to stop the practice. The fines were a few hundred dollars per tree worth thousand$

    But they waited so long, that they were land locked.
    We all got together and refused access.

    We won that one, but I'm sure they''ll be back bribing some neighbor who may be down on their luck.

    If only we could "land lock" Big Oil just the same way until the fines match the crimes

    Thx jamess

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