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    I don't drive many miles, and use the cars computer to tell me when to change the oil. It has been a year since the last, oil change so I look in the manual to see if that matters. The manual says change the oil at least once a year.

    I went to the oil change shop that is in the township rather then the dealership that is not, (I am always trying to keep money local). While I setting the  in car I see what I thought was smoke coming from the engine bay. Okay they spilled oil on a hot part, hard not to now day when where a oil filter is the last idea of the engine design group.

    Drive Home and park the car over night. Voice in me tells me to go check the garage floor for leaks, sure enough there is a puddle on the floor.

    Turns out the person taking off the oil filter busted the overflow return line to the radiator.

    I went back to the shop with a full head of steam, but calmed myself when I got there. The shop manager fixed the problem, but I am not sure He was a 100% honest on the reason for it in the first place.

    Be careful out there!

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