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  •  We don't know the answer but there is a chance (6+ / 0-)

    his parents did not know if he owned a gun. They may not have ever seen one or he never told them. That was the case for my best friend who said her mother never had owned a gun , did not like guns, but yet committed suicide with a shot gun that she recently had purchased. Unless you live in the same home with someone, you may not know what they owned.

    If the son was suicidal for a decade, it is possible once he decided to take his own life and make a plan, he could have purchased the means by which to do it and never tell anyone.  Many of those commit suicide and make a plan and are sure about it, they can give the impression of doing well and being happy. That is because of the relief they feel in knowing when and how they are going to do it.  

    Sometimes those who intend to commit suicide, once the plan is fully formed, they can become very clever in hiiding their plan and that could include hiding the purchase of a gun or hoarding medications for an overdose and etc.

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    by wishingwell on Sun Apr 07, 2013 at 01:09:10 AM PDT

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