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    and, btw, I find it hard to converse in terms of Christianity making claims. There's multiple forms of Christianity with contradicting claims. I would say about 2.18 billion. But that's just me being a realist.

    The Catholic Church is not in the least the most morally conservative (clinging to static morality). But the most prominent. Certainly certain Jews Muslims and any religion or ideology has it's strict constructionists.

    Clearly even as conservative as the Catholic Church seems to be in clinging to outdated morality on particular issues. It does not have a 'static' history. And the drive for progressive as well as regressive moral advancement has created rifts in the umbrella of Christian religions.

    But Christianity in general claims that one true God has a monopoly on morals, not people. That there's one true morality, that exists beyond our grasp as humans or the conception of an individual.

    That is neither static or changing. It's simply something for humans to aspire too, with Jesus as the guide.

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