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  •  It's not because Catholicism is more tolerant (3+ / 0-)
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    it's because Christianity in general dominates the English-speaking world, and thus affects all our lives more than "other mainstream religions."  And also because Catholicism has an easily visible central authority that can easily be held to blame for the misdeeds of its various lesser clergy, because it is actually responsible -- in the sense that all Catholic clergy do ultimately answer to the Vatican.

    Other religions are too diffuse, too varied, and ultimately too weak to have the same kind of power.

    Hell, I'm Jewish Orthodox, and my life is affected against my will by Christianity more than by Judaism -- because there are correspondingly far fewer Jewish lawmakers in the US trying to pass and/or enforce laws that affect me based on their own reading of the Bible.  This has nothing to do with the relative merits or discredits of Christianity and Judaism; it's just that there are way more Christians than Jews here.

    ... in other words, it's Numbers, not Leviticus.  :D

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