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  •  You wouldn't let someone drive a car like that (3+ / 0-)
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    Chi, BYw, tommymet

    If I told you that I had a personal belief that there was a magical traffic director who take care of me if I ran a red light with my eyes closed, you wouldn't let me behind the wheel of a car.

    So why should we let someone like you drive a planet?

    The worst case scenario is that you cast a vote based on your belief that, say, the total destruction of the entire planet in 100 years time is OK because, you know, God.

    Or perhaps, in your love and respect for everyone else, you decide that letting people burn in hell for all eternity is not loving or respectful, and thus we have to stop teh gays or alcohol sales on Sundays. For their own good.

    Dog knows that if I saw you about to set yourself on fire, I would stop you, no matter how much you argued about freedom and rights. Because I do respect you, and I show that respect by not letting you do something insane like setting yourself on fire. If you really respected me, how could you let me burn?

    I don't object to whatever fantasies you tell yourself to get by - we all do it, of course - but the fact that you feel comfortable enough to make those fantasies public is just as worrying to me as if you came in here and started talking about your sex life. Can't you tell that those things are to be set aside when you are in public? If you can't tell that here, how do I know you will set aside your fantasies while in the voting booth?

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