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    Having had personal contact with a few school counselors, I am somewhat dubious of the value of item "c".   In theory, it sounds good.  In practice, it is a lot more problematic.  One example is the recent diary talking about how a school counselor had helpfully "outed" her child, and then argued with the child regarding the child's own status as gay versus transsexual, "outed" yet another child, and singlehandedly created a circus of conflict affecting the school, the kids, the parents, and doing serious damage to the the kid's dating and home situations.  

    Dealing with any counselor is like tossing a coin.   Half the time, they can improve the situation, and half the time, it's like helpfully offering a lead weight to a drowning person.   All it really does is to add one more adult into the mix.   That can be a good thing, or it can be a very bad thing.     I use the term "adult" in a broad sense, because I strongly question the maturity of some of the school counselors that I have encountered.    Often, their common sense has been surgically removed to make more room for religion or prejudice.  And, their assumptions about what they "know" are dangerously inaccurate.

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