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  •  Jeers to having a %^$# case of stomach "flu" .. (16+ / 0-)

    for the last four days. I am now totally ravenous and a breakfast of steak and eggs looks darn good, even though I rarely eat such.

    Cheers to seeing a male black-chinned hummingbird doing his courting dance yesterday when I staggered out briefly to keep the plants from dying in the heat and dryness.

    Jeers to a wind storm advisory today - gusts to 60 mph!

    Cheers to both Louisville teams - These were all I had left to root for after Arizona, North Carolina and Florida bombed out.  We have too many alma maters!

    Jeers to the NRA on general principles. I don't own a gun, I don't want a gun, I don't need a gun!  However I'll arm myself if Texas invades New Mexico a third time.  I would not put it past them if they should secede. Right now they are suing us for water - shades of things to come.

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