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  •  Very interesting pianogramma (0+ / 0-)


    It arises from their entrenched paranoid inability to contemplate, let alone accept, the idea that they might be weak or imperfect in any but the most insignificant way. Needing help equals weakness equals unthinkable.
    My parents were much like you describe yours to be (and I have no contact with them for good reason) and when they began to age, they became even meaner and quite out of touch with reality.  But where the light bulb just went off for me was now, finally, a certain behavior of theirs makes sense.

    When I would be sick or unwell, which was often related to their abusiveness, they would become far far more abusive.  As parents who saw no difference between themselves and their children, this was an inevitable response.  Now I understand why.  

    Thank you for an excellent diary.

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