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View Diary: Have you used low income energy assistance- LIHEAP? or more? (6 comments)

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    So would your $3/$100/year, in more realistic numbers, mean $.30 per 100 per year?

    If so (and I may not be understanding the math), that would mean that in Year 1, a fall of $.30/$100; Year two, a fall of .3% of $99.70; Year 3, a fall of .3% of the Year 2 amount, etc . . . .

    If I've figured this correctly, sorry, but I don't see this being too awful.  Yes, we assume that prices will go up, but I have no idea how to project for that.  If I use the basis of my LIHEAP history, the first .3% reduction would have cost me would have cost me about 65 to 75 cents (off about $200-250 LIHEAP benefit).  Then, in year two, the .3% would be taken off the reduced benefit -- so although the percentage would remain the same, the amount reduced would be smaller to begin with.

    To the best of my recollection, my winter assistance usually ran between $200-$250 paid into my Electric account at the end of the season.  Partial but regular monthly payments were sent directly to Elec Co by HUD housing provider, so I was not out-of-pocket for that, and since there was a LIHEAP 'marker' on my Elec bill, I could not get cut off.  Mosgt years, what this ended up doing was to create a substantial credit on my Elec bill -- enough so that, with my steady HUD payment ($50/mo during those years), I was never out-of-pocket for Elec bills.

    I know other people's situations will differ, but sorry, I can't see the LIHEAP reduction -- even if I need to use it again -- having too severe an impact on my situation.

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