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  •  Reports of Tarheel democracy following 2008 (4+ / 0-)
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    were greatly exaggerated.

    Going faster miles an hour, with the radio on.

    by Troubadour on Sun Apr 07, 2013 at 05:09:51 PM PDT

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    •  We have to admit that several of our state (0+ / 0-)

      legislatures are ALEC-Dominated.  This is true where I live, Ohio, our neighbors Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, NC, SC, AZ, UT and several others.  The term is ALEC Dominated.  In some of these states the Speaker, Majority Leader, Whips and other powerful positions are held by ALEC members, and they introduce, co-sponsor, and shepherd through the legislative process sham corporate bills with sham public hearings, proscribed debate, limited opportunity for opposing views and amendments, and fast track voting processes.

      ALEC meets three times a year, sort of politburo-like, the legislative members are handed corporate approved legislation to introduce in their states, and despite the eyewash of ALEC saying that the public sector members debate and vote on "Model Legislation", the public sector members never get the opportunity to vote until the private sector members approve what the public sector members will vote on.  This, in effect, gives the private sector members of ALEC a VETO over what gets back to the states as "Model Legislation".

      I want to ask this question, and I know the answer, but I want to ask it anyway.  Why does ALEC have the power to write, debate, and pass legislation that will be adopted in all fifty states, plus some congressional legislation, with no access by the press, no access by opposing parties whose ox is being gored by ALEC, with public meeting laws from all fifty states being violated because legislation is being debated and voted upon by legislators, why can ALEC do this.

      Part of the reason is that ALEC has actually gotten exceptions to public notice laws and regulations approved into law in some states that are ALEC Dominated.  Part of it is that many of our local press are under the thumbs of ALEC members, either through the ability to withhold advertising dollars, or because the publishers of the newspapers and other media outlets are ALEC sympathizers and enablers, and they have absolutely no desire to out ALEC.

      Since this diary was written yesterday, it is unlikely that many will view this comment, but I felt it was necessary.  I think that America will be a better place when ALEC and its successor organizations, and the State Policy Network, its 50 state think tank organization that supports ALEC activities are exposed and also put out of business.  A think tank that only thinks of one thing, or who only thinks about one side of an issue really isn't a think tank it is a propaganda outlet.  Nothing more, nothing less.

      Republicans are like alligators. All mouth and no ears.

      by Ohiodem1 on Mon Apr 08, 2013 at 12:02:42 PM PDT

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