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  •  I own the movie on DVD (0+ / 0-)

    But haven't gotten around to watching it yet (I own a LOT of movies on DVD). But I can say with authority that the Cheever story is brilliant - one of the best American short stories of the last half of the 20th century. I encourage everyone to read it - you will not regret.

    From what I understand of the movie, it doesn't quite capture the subtle genius of the story, but that would be difficult to translate to the film medium anyway. Most of the story (like so much great literature) is built around the POV character's internal monologue, rather than any overt action.

    Beyond that, I can still believe that the film could work on some level. Frank Perry was actually a fine director for this sort of minimalist storytelling, and made several fine films centered around sixties/seventies American angst.

    And what else can one say about Burt Lancaster? Undoubtedly, one of my favorite Hollywood "film star" actors. He always took on interesting and challenging projects, many that diverged away from his movie idol image. You can stack up his resume of fine to great films against any other popular film actor in history.

    My personal favorite being "Sweet Smell of Success" where he and Tony Curtis (also much to his credit) played two of the most repugnant characters in movie history, without any regard to how it would affect their respective box-office appeal. And it is one of the greatest American films, to boot.

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