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  •  I doubt it would get to 5 feet (0+ / 0-)

    This probably is pretty viscous stuff and would have limited ability to penetrate into soil.  You're probably looking at a few inches in most places, possibly as much as a foot or two in the worst spots (which would be in low areas where the stuff pooled up to a substantial depth and therefore had the head and duration to allow it to penetrate deeper).

    Lake remediation could involve installing silt barriers and doing environmental dredging. It could involve capping.  It could involve adding reagents to promote chemical fixation or biological degradation of contaminants.  

    An early step in testing for contamination would be to collect samples of the material released, test it's chemical composition including tentatively identified compounds, and (if you're smart) run some basic physical tests such as specific gravity and viscosity) so you (1) know the chemical components you need to look for, (2) have an understanding of how the material may migrate in the environment, (3) can calculate the risk to human health and the environment, (4) can knowledgeably evaluate different remedial technologies and approaches for addressing identified risk, and (5) have a factual basis for calculating and defending claims of natural resource damage.

    •  You are wrong, their hoses went right into the (0+ / 0-)


      •  I think you're misinterpreting (0+ / 0-)

        The statement I was questioned on had to deal with the widespread, original, release.

        That's what I responded to.

        I wasn't responding to, nor was I questioned about, "hoses."

        You really should pay closer attention. You seem to be letting your zeal outpace your cognition and judgment.

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