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View Diary: Having gun dealers process private sales would, in a sane world, end impasse on background checks (129 comments)

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  •  We already have a government (2+ / 0-)
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    that spies on our internet usage and taps our phones without a warrant or justifiable cause. They already monitor our legal prescription drug purchases (using tax dollars to help the marketing efforts of big pharma, just another way we get to pay for the business goals of our overlords and masters) and track our movements via our phones and auto GPS. They register our cars, regulate their road-worthiness, require thousands of dollars of safety equipment and mandate gas milage ratings (although poorly, and in fawning obeisance to the oil industry, again, serving our overlords and masters rather than we their employers). They maintain a no fly list for airplanes.

    How bad could a government gun owner database be?

    Besides, the NRA response to gun crime is creating and maintaining a government crazy person list, presumably with the same oversight and competence with which they maintain the no fly list.

    So the choice is:

    Government gun registry.

    Upside: guns used in crimes can be tracked, eliminating straw purchases and false reporting of stolen guns, eliminating a large part of gun trafficking, keeping guns out of the hands of criminals and terrorists.

    Downside: some people who should legally be able to buy guns are impeded briefly from doing so.

    Government mental health registry:

    Upside. government-certified crazy people can't buy guns.

    Downside: Government-certified crazy people lose their jobs, their homes, are driven from the neighborhoods by "civic-minded citizens" who simply don't want "those people" near their homes. Official harassment, permanent non-person status. Lives and families destroyed. Oops, did we say John Smith? We meant James Smith. Sorry. No you can't sue us, we're the government and you're a crazy person.

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