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View Diary: Having gun dealers process private sales would, in a sane world, end impasse on background checks (129 comments)

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  •  Licensed dealers = the incentive to make it work (2+ / 0-)
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    Glen The Plumber, a2nite

    It would be simplest/best if the existing federal registry that now covers machine guns & silencers could be expanded to include all assault weapons as that seems to require simply using a existing system. with a long record of working just fine.
    But since..

    Any record-keeping would set up a federal gun registry and that could be—according to Coburn, the NRA and other gun-rights advocates—a prelude to government confiscation of some or all classes of firearms.
    ..this is the reasoning of the right (and I seriously question the use of the word) reasoning - sorry

    Establishing financial incentives, making good record keeping somewhat profitable. This route puts the Lindsey Grahams of the GOP in the position of dealing/debating directly against all the licensed gun dealers who stand to make a healthy profit for their added involvement in gun safety.

    Also too it pits republican vs republican for a change (assuming most licensed gun dealeres are republicans or at least vote republican on gun issues - that is). forcing the GOP to take the heat on this if they fail to do something an unprecedentedly huge majority of the nation wants to happen - sensible gun safety measures

    Agreed: this seems like the best move possible and one most likely to get the traction needed for passage

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