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  •  Critical infrastructure was always that, (2+ / 0-)
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    critical infrastructure. It is no more so than before 911. Things used to be done correctly and thoroughly and maybe overly and redundantly so, but now every goddamn thing is maximized for somebody's profit or for some BS project that nobody will tax for. Take water systems for example, they should be tightly monitored and maintained like clockwork. Roads as well, sewer systems, and the biggie: electricity. If we aren't electrified we can't even pump gas. Yet our grid is an energy suck and wastes anywhere from a third to two thirds of generated power.

    I think by and large most people do the best they can with what they have and they are generous and ethical as they know how to be. But it only takes a very few bad actors to make life miserable in an instant now.

    •  I believe that this has gone beyond a few bad (0+ / 0-)

      actors. But I do understand what you are saying.

      •  I still think it is a very few (0+ / 0-)

        bad actors. The other people have jobs and they do what they are told without analyzing the overarching premise under which they operate.

        •  How is that okay with you? How is that not being (0+ / 0-)

          a bad actor?


          How is this not Treason given the nature of the violations of our Constitutional Law?

          •  Before we descend into (0+ / 0-)

            HOF, we have to go back to the weasel words and the succinct mechanisms which allow [or mandate depending on how you look at it] the operations we do not like [because they are unconstitutional and tyrannical] and find out who put them in the Patriot Act and why. And from there we need to find out whether each and every member in Congress knew, bothered to find out, and/or asked what the Patriot Act actually entailed.

            The Patriot Act itself is problematic because it involves a lot of cut and paste into other Titles of the Federal Code, most notably Title 18, and it is also tangled up in various AUMFs. There is no straightforward document that itself, contains the full reading except by citation and referral. IANAL but I am aware of how the various mechanisms are obscure and hard to pin down and I have read Title 18 since it was bastardized by the Patriot Act. I would have to assume there are very few people that have though. It's a boring slog. That said, there's no way the average person is even going to read your diary and understand it, let alone do more digging unless it impacts them personally. Beyond that, there is only a small contingent that could grasp the whole issue anyway and it has a lot of avenues to run down including the FBI, CIA, NSA, JSOC, Pentagon, Congress, Administration, DOJ, DEA, ATF and on and on and on.

            Simply put, you are an outlier. You are way more intelligent than the average person. You get it. I get it. But even if you  explained it a thousand times, most people will not get it. The issue needs to be distilled into some sort of digestible form in order to have an impact.

            •  I don't agree with your assessment of average (0+ / 0-)


              I am an average person. Smart--but no genius.

              I concede that many have short attention spans, but an average person with a reasonable reading comprehension would be able to get the gist of this diary and most likely be disturbed by it.

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