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  •  I think Aquinas took a good first stab at it. (1+ / 0-)
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    Hmmm... I thought the quote above tried to address that:

    "They both insisted that God was not another being and that you could not even say that He (ridiculous pronoun!) existed, because our experience of existence is too limited. God, said Aquinas, is Being itself (esse se ipsum)."

    It points out the necessity of expanding the discussion beyond the peasant childhood level conception of God (the one that people like Pat Robertson push) and raising it to the more intellectual level, and how the discussion has degraded.  I understand that completely.  I've experienced too many discussions of God that quickly become bogged down in debating about God as if it's as tangible as a Star Trek alien.  

    A good place to start, that I can think of, if you want to try to understand common threads in the perception of God, is William James classic book, The Varieties of Religious Experience.  It does no preaching.  James, an important  philosopher of the 19th century, attempts an impartial scientific approach to looking at the experience of the divine without minimizing it.

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