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View Diary: Uhuru Kenyatta Inaugurated & the Myth of Raila as a Statesman (21 comments)

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    where Kenya is to tell you about Kenya! ICC prosecutors used the above video of Uhuru begging Kikuyus not to avenge the murders of their men, women and children somehow against Uhuru, choosing one line totally taken out of context and ignoring the full video which otherwise actually shows Uhuru as the only leader that pleaded for peace on teh ground.

    Do you even know what language Uhuru speaks, do you know what tribe he comes from? It so happens that the Kikuyu, Uhuru's tribe were the one who were evicted from their homes, and murdered in reprisal for Kibaki's win.

    The idea that Uhuru Kenyatta is somehow responsible for the murders of his own people, his very own supporters, the very group he's pleadig with in the video not to go fight back, is somehow largley to blame for the violence, is an idea that is at best laughable and at worst willfully ignorant.

    Oil was discovered in Kenya and Kibaki shunned the west in favor of deals with China. Raila promised the west that he would restore trade deals and that is at the heart of western support of Raila.

    Raila and yes indeed, the deputy President, Ruto were responsible for the deaths - it was afterall, their coalition that lost and who blamed it on the Kikuyu whom they saw as too powerful, and too rich and Raila's hate speech had reduced the tribe to nothing more than a despicable mafia that own too much and wield too much power.

    Sept 2011 - How Obama got his groove back! I'm super charged, Fired Up and Ready to go!

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