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  •  Yes, it disabused me of my trusting nature (3+ / 0-)
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    for once and for all, as illustrated in the following recreation:

    Them: do you want to go to a Celine Dion concert?

    Me: who?

    Them: don't you mean "whom"?

    Me: who the fuck knows.

    Them: anyways, didn't you enjoy the Bruce Hornsby / Bonnie Raitt concert we took you to last year?

    Me: it wasn't awful

    Them: plus you love Suzi Quatro

    Me: who?

    Them: we saw you turning up the volume on the radio when "Stumblin In" came on . .

    Me:  I doubt that that happened, but if so, so what?

    Them: well, Celine Dion is just like Suzi Quatro.

    Me: (unenthusiastically) OK, I'll go.

    a word to any oldsters out there - believe me, Celine & Suzi are nothing alike . .. just trying to warn you if your kids / grandkids try to trick you about this.

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