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  •  What is America's obsession with UK/Pope? (0+ / 0-)

    Ok, I don't get it, I just don't get it.

    I know for the media the UK royalty, and the Vatican pope are easy news, CNN would kill to have non stop fluff.

    But I don't get it, why do we give a good goddamn what happens in the british royalty?  We don't care about other royalty, not that we should.
    We beat ourselves up for treating our elected officials as royalty, but don't blink an eye at worshiping powerless aristrocrats stealing money from their people, and they are not even Americans.

    And the pope, let me pull my race card out of the deck.
    Ok, I know I know, there are a billion catholics, so fing what.
    The church is on a huge decline and mired in disgusting scandals and terrible policies.
    I would GUARANTEE you if the pope was 3 dudes and not one, and they didn't wear that rediculous outfit and pink shoes, we would not care.

    And the racial angle, could you imagine, even for a moment, 24/7 media coverage of say the top imam in Saudi Arabia (assume he is the patriarch leader of Pashtun/sunni muslims) or a new Dali Lama?

    Instead of praising American heroes (CNN gets credit), we praise people who do no work and rake in millions and live like billionaires.

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