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  •  i barely graduated high school with a C- average (0+ / 0-)

    sometimes school doesn't work for smart people.  obviously, you are damn smart.  it's clear in your writing.  that's why i asked if you had considered programming.  i find that people who like logic and writing and problem solving really click with programming.  and tons of programmers are like me and didn't do great in school growing up.  it doesn't matter, because programmers don't 'do what they are taught to do' for a living.  they look at problems and they decide solutions.  programming is like writing recipes for cooking food.

    it's not for everyone, but i think it's worth giving a try to see if it's for you.  it's not always thrilling and fun, but it's one of the highest paid white collar jobs and you don't have to carry the world on your shoulders to do it like doctors and lawyers do.  

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