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  •  Looks like you had quite a weekend Noddy - (9+ / 0-)

    4000 pictures! I took a few pictures over the last two weekends and thought I was doing good, lol.

    Speaking of the Octopodicon, I've now finished the first two versions of my crocheted Octopod chokers. You can see them at the links:

    the pink one is on Zibbet

    The brown one is on Etsy

    I basically designed these from scratch. I really can't explain why I put them in two different stores, other than it's kind of like a trial run to see what kind of interest the style generates. So if anyone here has any feedback or suggestions, I'd appreciate it.

    PS: I put a plug for the Octopodicon in the listing descriptions, but I had to do it kind of subtly because Etsy doesn't like us putting in links and such to other sites. So don't tell anybody I did that, k ;)

    Marriage Equality Rocks! at my BoldlyLiberal Zazzle store for political peeps.

    by jan4insight on Mon Apr 08, 2013 at 10:52:15 PM PDT

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