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View Diary: Examining social class in the US -- Church's 3-ladder system (9 comments)

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  •  "Working class" but G-ladder (4+ / 0-)

    By the Church model, a working journeyman journalist nowadays would probably be closer to G3, with the top ones (more autonomy) G2 and top pundits (more cultural influence) G1.  But it's not quite pure "gentry", as there's real work involved, and often it requires interacting with a world that gentry don't like to see up close. So maybe an L2-G3 hybrid, or (in the 3D sense) a point between them. If we view the classes as stars in a constellation, there could be Lagrangian points between their gravitational fields.  (How's that for a stretched metaphor?)

    Church notes that L3s may well vote against their own economic interests because they see the L1 world as a realistic aspiration, and don't see L1s as bad people -- the E1s who are pulling the political strings are practically on a different planet, invisible to them.

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