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    Calgary patients waiting in an ER don't drive to American hospitals as an alternative. The nearest American city is Great Falls, MT, and that's maybe six hours away.

    As strange as it seems to put people who possibly have pneumonia into a car for a two hour drive, it would be beyond bizarre to start on a day's travel.

    Canada is made up of a whole bunch more places than just Toronto, although some people in the American media seem unfamiliar with that fact.

    On wait times: here in Calgary, you can go online and find out what the anticipated wait time is in every hospital ER and urgent care center in the area. That's for ordinary cases: more urgent cases get expedited at triage.

    (I just checked. The best time is at Foothills Hospital, with estimated wait time at 2:06. Critical cases go first, of course. Two hours, not too bad, I think.)

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