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View Diary: Did you hear the one about the 4yo who shot the deputy's wife? But he did not shoot the deputy. (285 comments)

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  •  NYT October 16, 1888 (1+ / 0-)
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    Reading, Oct. 15 - News reached here to-day of a terrible affair which took place at the house of William Morgan in Donaldson, Schuykill County, last night. Mrs. Morgan was siting in a rocking chair in the dining room nursing a 6-months-old child. Her 6-year-old son named Willie took an old shotgun from a closet unseen by the mother. The boy had noticed his grandfather removed the cap, and the little fellow climbed upon a chair and secured another cap from a shelf. This he put on the nipple of the gun, which was already loaded.

    He next cocked the gun, aimed it directly toward his mother, and, when about 15 feet away, cried out, "Look out, mamma, I'm a cowboy, and I'm going to shoot." With these words he fired. His aim was good, and the entire charge of shot entered the face, head, breast, and chest of the mother, and the back and head of the infant. The blood spurted in every direction and the mother fell unconscious to the floor. Then the boy realized the terrible consequence of his act, and said he wished he was dead.

    A physician was sent for, and he extracted eight of the shot. Then the physician was compelled to stop probing, for mother and child were too weak for him to continue his examination. Both are now in a critical condition and not expected to recover.

    •  NYT July 18, 1900 (1+ / 0-)
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      Boy in Fun Shoot His Aunt Dead.

      Morristown, N.J., July 17 - Mrs. Charles Ketch of Morris Plains was accidentally shot and killed last night by her twelve-year-old nephew, George Ketch. Mrs. Ketch was sitting on the stoop of her house, rocking the baby. George Ketch, brother of Mrs. Ketch's husband and father of the boy, had been shooting crows in the early part of the evening and had left the gun in the grape arbor, where it was found by young George. The lad playfully pointed it at Mrs. Ketch, and the weapon went off, blowing the top of her head off.

      •  NYT December 1, 1907 (1+ / 0-)
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        Boy Shoots Baby Sister Dead.

        Freehold, N.J., Nov. 30 - In Upper Freehold yesterday the six-year-old son of John Taylor accidentally8 shot his eighteen-months'-old sister, Marie, killing her instantly. The gun, usually unloaded, had been borrowed yesterday by a neighbor, who returned it loaded. The mother left the boy for a moment to mind the baby, and the latter, getting the gun, pointed it at his sister in play and pulled the trigger.

        •  NYT November 13, 1906 (1+ / 0-)
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          Blew Sister's Head Off.

          Mount Holly, N.J., Nov. 12 - Thirteen-year-old Mary Dilligniscoll of Palymra, N.J., was shot in the head and instantly killed early this morning as she lay in her bed as the result of the attempt of her ten-year-old brother Thomas to frighten her by pulling the trigger of an old and supposedly unloaded gun when he got to her room to waken her.

          This morning, as Thomas went to his sister's room he took the old gun from a closet. As he entered his sister's room, he said, "Wake up, Mary, wake up or I'll shoot you." He leveled the gun across the floorboard of the bed of his sleeping sister and pulled the trigger.

          There was a terrific explosion. When the family came rushing in the stunned and frightened boy lay in a semi-conscious condition in the doorway, while the body of his sister lay upon the bed with her head blow completely off. The lad is nearly insane from grief. The Coroner declared the shooting accidental.

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