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View Diary: Bill Black: “Wall Street Uses the Third Way to Lead its Assault on Social Security” (83 comments)

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  •  It's almost time to resurrect (0+ / 0-)

    ..the two sides of the same coin argument and have a "flame-war."

    Because in a room by yourself, self-righteously beating on a keyboard really does make a difference.

    So does Internet porn.

    Or not..

    It's not the DC "bubble" - It's the plan.

    North America is underpopulated and backward. We need to go all human cancer like India, China, and Pakistan.

    I am so fucking glad I'm old and afflicted and diseased. I don't think I could retain whatever semblance of sanity I've kept over the last 50 some-odd years.

    I'll say this: My dog likes me and I like her. She's a bit of a disobedient bitch. Doesn't come when I call her the first time.

    Growls once it a while and threatens to bite. Not me, mind you. Not people. Some effervescent thing that has her pissed off.

    I like to think she's pissed off at facism. Tillie came from the pound. The ex-girlfriend wanted to take her back.

    Kept the dog.

    Perfect dog.

    We can have democracy in this country, or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can't have both - Louis D. Brandeis

    by Anthony Page aka SecondComing on Tue Apr 09, 2013 at 03:19:50 PM PDT

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