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View Diary: Call it how it is: Obama's negotiations with the GOP economic terrorists have been a failure (8 comments)

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    The call to lobby Congressional Democrats is so ubiquitous here at Daily kos that I often forget to mention it. Obviously, that should play an integral part.

    However, I think it also downplays the role Obama has in framing the larger discussions on fiscal policy. The intent of this diary was to highlight that aspect, and to make the argument that Obama and the White House have the most power to shift the debate from one of Democrat defensiveness to Republican defensiveness, or vice versa in the case of cutting Social Security and Medicare.

    I would agree that the 2016 thoughts may not be the best solution for pressuring the White House on this, but I also don't think relying on Congressional Dems to kill chained cpi serves that purpose, and after those two I am admittedly out of good ideas.

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