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View Diary: Call it how it is: Obama's negotiations with the GOP economic terrorists have been a failure (8 comments)

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  •  He keeps trying to tell the repugs he's on their (1+ / 0-)
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    side. And they keep telling him he's not. The repugs hated Bill Clinton for delivering the trade deals and financial de-regs the 1% wanted. That was their job and Bill underbid them for the work. The repugs seem determined not to be passed over again. They helped Bill pass the neo-liberal agenda in the 90s and Clinton got all the credit with the 1% paymasters. Obama is not going to be given the same chance.

    But Obama is trying to draw them into helping him push Wall Sts goals by offering up some SS cuts and austerity. This will only hurt the Democratic Party and real Democrats. The pugs are just going to run out the clock and hope for wins in 2014 and 16 so they can reclaim their rightful place as the 1%s go to muscle.

    Until we have real Democrats, loyal to the Democratic legacy
    and goals in leadership positions again the working and middle class will never win an economic battle again.

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