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  •  Thank you KM (14+ / 0-)

    This is so very like my nephew's murder  ---the phone call in the middle of the night, the gun,the bullets, the instant and perpetual loss of a sweet young person who had everything to offer to the world... It never really quits stunning us either ---and each new gun tragedy opens the wound. Such an awful club we belong to!

    I am sorry you weren't able to get justice for your sister's murder. My nephew was killed far away, in a country with a 98% impunity rate for homicide. It had seemed impossible to resolve but we eventually managed to get a conviction. That has given us some measure of peace and one psychopath is in jail for now. The gun is still out there.

    Unfortunately there is nothing "uniquely American" about gun violence as we export ---both legally and illegally---weapons throughout Latin America: 70% of crimes in Mexico are committed with U.S. guns; 50% in Colombia, etc... There is an awful platitude that "life is cheap" in those places but I'm certain the victim's families do not see it that way and suffer as we do.  

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