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View Diary: Obama to nominate three, including two Republicans, to labor board. Will Republicans filibuster? (259 comments)

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    One Democrat from 1/15/81 to 12/16/82. No Democrats from 12/17/82 to 5/4/83. One Dem from 5/5/83 to 6/31/85.

    Bush's daddy had a long stint with just one Dem, 8/28/91 until Clinton had already spent a year in the White House.

    And people as old as I am can tell you that Clinton's being so slow to reform the NLRB was at the top of the list or at least tied with the North American Free Trade Agreement in the reasons we Union members couldn't be bothered with volunteering and stuffing envelopes  for the mid-term elections in 1994.

    Sort of what happened on Obama's mid-term election, only that was about our "Cadillac" health care getting taxed and EFCA never seeing the light of day.

    Now with Obama's Social Security gambit I'm thinking he is trying to outdo his previous shellacking but tell us about some law where he has to appoint Repugs. That's what matters.  

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