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  •  Jeers to having a brand new camera delivered .... (20+ / 0-)

    yesterday and to have followed the instructions exactly, only to find a fatal flaw - the battery door will not open!  The makes the camera an expensive paperweight!  I have contacted the seller.  It was a great disappointment as I am leaving for the Pacific Northwest on the 21st and wanted to have it for the trip, my trusty Panasonic 18X having just died. Well I still have the Nikon DSLR - a bit heavy and have to change lenses, but serviceable.

    Cheers to blooming Mexican buckeye, which was drawing bees even thought it is still a small plant.

    Jeers to two days of dust storm. It kicked up just a few hours before one of our daughters was to fly to LA.  She called us later and said that she had made it, but the ride was a bit bumpy.

    Cheers to living in a "backward state that never gets around to the most objectionable legislation that they pass in many states.  Despite having a large Catholic population abortion is still legal, birth control is reasonably available, and we mostly teach evolution in the schools (except in some of the real backward communities.)  We also, as was recently discovered, forgot to define marriage as between one man and one woman. They are hashing that out in Santa Fe now, with the mayor saying that gay marriage has always been legal and the Republicans begging to disagree.  Carpe Mañana is our byword!  And maybe that is not such a bad thing - at least we don't rush in!  Viva Nuevo Mexico!

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