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View Diary: Lobbying against N.C.'s Last-Gasp GOP (17 comments)

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  •  I so agree with you, samanthab (0+ / 0-)

    You're right that this is all scary and VERY urgent. I know that, and I apologize for undercutting that sense of how absolutely urgent it is that we address this. Sometimes the only thing that gives me comfort is the idealistic belief that we can actually address this in a purposeful and effective manner. Hence the cockeyed optimism.

    I can't imagine what it would be like doing this completely on my own, without the energies, ideas, directions, suggestions, and balanced perspectives of our DailyKos bloggers (like you!) and other activists around me. It could so easily be bleak and depressing, but instead, because I'm surrounded by passion and commitment and smarts, I'm finding little glints of sunlight and the energy to keep going for one more phone call, one more article dropped off at a legislator's office, one more action gathering to let people know about.

    The deadline to submit bills in the NC Senate was March 28, and the deadline for the NC House is April 17. Each lawmakers can submit up to ten bills, so we know that in the next week, we'll be splattered from head to foot with more unhinged bills put to the table by legislators rabid to be known as Having Met the Number of Bills I Need to Seem Relevant.

    Heads up, and keep calm!

    There are four exceptions to the submissions deadline, and one of the biggies is redistricting. Ugh.

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