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  •  Not a fern, but has a stump in it - (4+ / 0-)

    Artist is Elizabeth Colborne - and while working in the woods near Bellingham in the 1930s she made some fine studies of undisturbed places there.

    •  Her woodcuts are quite amazing - (5+ / 0-)

      I've done printmaking in the past and cannot figure out how she did some of these. Multiple plates? One or two or three plates, each cut, printed, recut, reprinted, etc?

      Thank you so much for introducing me to her work.

      In return, here is another Colburne woodcut with stump, ferns, a scattering of mushrooms and one of my favorite PNW plants, Vanilla Leaf.

      I came for the politics and stayed for the science.

      by bwren on Fri Apr 12, 2013 at 09:46:15 PM PDT

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      •  There's a book on Colborne's work (5+ / 0-)

        by the Seattle gallerist David Martin, who has been instrumental in locating and making her work better known: Evergreen Muse: The Art of Elizabeth Colborne. Much of her work, and a journal for 1933, was given by a couple of close friends to the Bellingham Library, then later conveyed to the Whatcom.

        She did use multiple blocks; several were on view at an exhibition of her work last summer, and showed she sometimes reused them, making cuts on both sides. And each part could be inked separately with color variations.  But she also worked with tempera paint, apparently liking its nonshiny, flat brilliance and precision.

        She was also a book illustrator, influenced by the work of Arthur Wesley Dow, who clearly was a huge influence on the illustrators of the books I had as a child. And I think it was from him she learned she could convey a sense of the uncanny light in the woods - say, illiminated mist in late afternoon - by coloring the back of the sheet as well as printing on the front.

        Oddly, your example wouldn't open here - But so glad to find another fan!

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