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    And document everything.  Let them see you doing it.  (If you can take someone with you as witness, great.)

    I'll suggest that you ask to see the supervisor, and that you ask him/her to give you copies of their policies, rules, and procedures.  Be insistent  that you believe you have a right to know what those rules are, so you can know what to expect and comply with their rules.  If they say they can't give you a copy, ask where you can find the rules, which (I would think) must be available to the public.

    What's my goal in saying this?  I've found that becoming known as a person who expects to have her rights, as a citizen and a disabled person, respected, can make the kind of abuse you suffered diminish.  (It will also likely some pushback -- but it's kind of like learning a kind of kung fu.  Empower yourself with information, and become willing to strike back -- or strike first, if yo see them positoning themselves for a blow.)

    If you can find their rules yourself before you go -- by calling the govt body the GA is under, rules online or in library, etc -- so much the better.  It helps to be able to say 'Your rules say that "you must" ....' or 'Your rules say that I have the right to ..."'

    Sorry to lecture.  I'm trying to say 'You GO, girl!' and show you where the nunchucks are.

    Best wishes!

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